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Ingrown nails, Unguis incarnatus, Inflamed toe nail, Nail bed inflammation And Other Nail Diseases-Twinkle Nailz

As soon as we can be more painful torture as ingrown nails, corns and other diseases of the feet. Many people suffer long on a ingrown toenail, the nail bed inflammation or other nail diseases. They are afraid of medical treatment because they've heard real horror stories about the nail surgery. This fear is unfounded. Read how we treat today toe inflammation pain.
What are foot and nail diseases?
Feet support and carry the body. They work very hard. The causes of foot diseases are clear: untrained foot muscles, incorrect footwear, obesity, lack of or wrong foot and nail care, stressful sports (eg football). Particularly at risk are people with diabetes, circulatory problems and numbness in the foot nerves. With them heal foot injury, for example, after the nail cutting, very slowly. Many foot disorders caused by poor hygiene (foot fungus, infections, viral warts) or permanent pressing together of the toes or toe bones (bruises, corns). For football players and mountain climbers are diseases of foot fungi almost for sport do so because the toe nails are very burdened. But pushing back the cuticle, for aesthetic reasons, or permanent work hand in moisture can lead to chronic inflammation of the nail bed.
What are the most common foot and nail diseases?
The most common abnormalities of the foot are flat feet, skew foot, splay foot and hollow. Typical foot diseases are ingrown toenails, nail bed infection, warts, on legs, corneal thickening, holly warts, corns, bruises, hammer toes, claw toes, calluses and sweaty feet, parchment skin, fungal infection of the skin or nails, and unpleasant foot odor. Many skin diseases can also be associated with the feet, such as psoriasis and allergic eczema. Wood nails, split nails, claws, nails, nail fungus and ingrown toenails are the most common nail problems of the feet.
All these symptoms can be a good collaboration between physician and foot caretaker / podiatrist alleviated or cured.

What are ingrown toenails?
Ingrown toenails are hindering painful to walk, are ugly and torture the most affected for a long time. The nail wall is red and painful, and often forms around the nail on the side of "wild meat". The toe is wet at this point and fester. Usually there are a lot of pain. Why do many people still can not handle long time? There are circulating real horror stories about how uncomfortable and painful, the nail treatment is - because the doctor would "seize" the nails eventually, that is completely removed by surgery. In the past there may have been such therapy. Today, this fear is completely unfounded.

The treatment of ingrown nail
The modern treatment is carried out in cooperation between doctor and nurse walking by baths, ointments, gauze strip, possibly antibiotics, nail trimming and possibly a nail surgery. The removal of the entire nail is almost never necessary. It is also useless to the healthy portion of the nail should no longer be removed. First, the nail surgery a few days to prepare - by baths, ointments, etc. On the day of surgery, we numb the toe completely under local anesthesia - the operation is completely painless. We solve that part of the nail, which has been drilled in the nail bed out. Then we create space between the edge of the nail and nail bed, so the sharp edge of the nail edge wall of the nail can not hurt. Then we deserted the place of the nail bed, from which this percentage is growing nail again and again. Without this desolation the next infection is inevitable. Thereafter, the toe is provided with a small organization - the comfortable fit in any shoe. When the local anesthetic wears off, should the excruciating pain of the nail bed inflammation are resolved. Within days, heals the nail bed. A new method is laser ablation of the nail, which proved itself more and more in severe nail fungus and other nail changes. We use them for ingrown nails only when the described method is not possible. For treatment, we recommend a good medical pedicure.

Like other nail problems can be treated?
There are many other nail problems: Wood nails, thickening, nail grooves, spots in the nail, skin cancer under the nail, biting warts, corns, split nails, claws, nails, pressure points, hammer toes, claw toes, calluses and fungal infection of the nails, vitamin deficiency, etc. Some skin diseases The nails also mitbefallen, for example, Lichen planus, psoriasis and eczema foot. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

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