Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nail Painted

Melissa Nail Painted
Elegant Nail Painted
Funky Nails Painted
Full Colors Nail Painted
Rihanna Barack Obama Painted Nail
Nails Christopher Dadey2
Animal Print Nails
Monopoly Nails Art Around
Mix Colors Nail Painted
Nail Paint Alice in Wonderland

When did Nail Painting start?

I was watching the 1956 film The Ten Commandments and heard they painted their nails, I wanted to know the truth and after doing some research... The history of nail painting dates back to the Chinese, when as early as 3000 B.C. royals used a variety of substances including flower petals, beeswax, egg whites, silver and to gold tint their nails. In Egypt, both men and women colored their nails, with color indicating social status. The royals used darker colors for painting their nails, while the lower classes used paler tones. The Japanese and Italians are thought to have been the first ones to actually use nail polish. The Chinese used a colored lacquer, made from a combination of Arabic gum, egg whites, gelatin and beeswax. They also used a mixture consisting of mashed rose, orchid and impatiens petals combined with alum.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Givenchy Jacket

Elegant black Givenchy Jacket for women

Trendy Givenchy Jacket with gray color

Black shiny Givenchy Jacket

Cool Givenchy Jacket for winter

Sexy Givenchy Jacket with new design

Brown Givenchy Jacket from leather

Black Givenchy Jacket from leather for men

Sexy Givenchy Jacket with brown color for ladies

Unique design Givenchy Jacket for men with jeans and leather materials

Trendy gray Givenchy Jacket for ladies

Givenchy Jacket for winter season

Sexy Givenchy Jacket from wool for ladies

White Givenchy Jacket with black stripes for ladies. Keri Hilson recently wore a super fly jacket to sing the national anthem at the last Atlanta Hawks game. I have been seeing stripes ever since, turns out shes actually wearing a Givenchy Ottoman Stitch Striped Jacket

Givenchy Skirt

Cute Givenchy Skirt with floral motif

Elegant Givenchy Skirt with black color

Elegant white of Givenchy Skirt

Trendy Givenchy Skirt with elegance design. The gothic trend found on this seasons catwalks of Givenchy, Marchesa and Prada is both demure and sexy. Shown in block colours, predictably mostly black with hints of purple, with lace and crochet making this look both romantic and edgy. You will find lots of dresses filtered down to the High Street with high necks and long sleeves in lace or dramatic ruffles - perfect for those of you that cannot wax. Wallis have interpreted this seasons style well with this Black Lace Tunic Dress.

Black and white of Givenchy Skirt

Beautiful Givenchy Skirt with new design

Popular black of Givenchy Skirt

Sexy Givenchy Skirt with black color

Gray Givenchy Skirt

Givenchy T-shirt

Elegant Givenchy T-shirt with white color for men

New Givenchy T-shirt with black color

Beautiful black Givenchy T-shirt with pink combination. Givenchy has created a printed t-shirt version of their intensely popular layered chain lookThis t-shirt is truly a more youth friendly version of the former (and heavier) hardware layering look of their FW08 campaign.

Trendy Givenchy T-shirt in white color

Long sleeves Givenchy T-shirt with gray color

Unique print in white Givenchy T-shirt. This White Eagle Print T-shirt From Givenchy Is A Great Day Time Basic. Slip It On Under a Pringle Cardigan And Add givenchy Leggings, a Givenchy Bag And christian Louboutin Shoe-boots To Give Daytime Dressing A Luxe

Black Givenchy T-shirt for women. Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci Virgin Mary T-shirt.

Short sleeves Givenchy T-shirt with black color

Black Givenchy T-shirt for your spring or summer

Popular Givenchy T-shirt for women

Black Givenchy T-shirt. French high-fashion label Givenchy presents their brand new graphic tees series for Spring/Summer 2011, titled “Pier­rot”. The theme of the shirts ties in per­fectly with the title of the col­lec­tion as each t-shirt fea­tures an evil clown image, fun. The shirts are avail­able now at Restir.

Black Givenchy T-shirt with star beads

Givenchy Shirt

Elegant Givenchy Shirt with new design

Black Givenchy Shirt with stars beads for men

Elegant Givenchy Shirt from jeans

Beautiful white Givenchy Shirt for women

Trendy black Givenchy Shirt with unique design. Double button cuffs. Concealed front button closure. Silk ruffles with rhine stone edging along shoulders, sleeves and front panels.

Gray Givenchy Shirt for men

Cool black of Givenchy Shirt for men

Trendy Givenchy Shirt from silk for women with white color

Cute pink Givenchy Shirt

Blue and pink combination in Givenchy Shirt

Beautiful Givenchy dress Shirt with blue color. BLUE is the new black! For daily effortless elegance wear this midnight navy "G" embossed soft silk Givenchy shirt frock. The Givenchy label was founded by Hubert de Givenchy, 1952-1995. Givenchy was known for his modern, ladylike cuts that earned him many loyal patrons for the brand such as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.