Monday, April 19, 2010

Acrylic Nails, inlay nail art - TWINKEL NAILZ

(After pic)

(Before pic)

I decided to took some photos of my customer's nails before we going to start a make over
for her short nail beds,dry n thick cuticle.She did april promotion Glitters acrylic extension.
I only can used Tips acrylic overlay for her.Her nails was too short for me to do sculpture nails.
But end work she was so happy n contented to have long nails.She did not have a chance to grow her nails long at all since young.Thanks babe for letting me to post ur nails in my blog... :p

Gel overylay natural nails with heart-shapes flakes.

(Inlay Flowers)

Inlay nail art $9 per nail.

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