Monday, February 1, 2010

Acrylic Nails- By TWINKEL NAILZ

Very few of my clients have long nails..This lady really have very long nails bed.
This pic of e length of e nails i have trimmed it last 2 wks ago.When i first see her is like "Wow"
Super long nails !She did Acrylic red and glitter overlay on her natural nails.
She wants black flowers!

we love tis criss cross design with my 4D sliver Ribbons :)

Oval-shape acrylic extension.Simple and sweet!
I did this few weeks ago.It is Black acrylic colour plus glitter.
With tis base of acrylic sculpture extension ,it also can do overlay flowers on it.
But too bad tis customer will be back for her cny nails nxt 2 we didnt do any nail art.
I love black with glitter colour. :)

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