Friday, December 11, 2009

Acrylic Nails, Bridal nail-By Twinkel Nailz

Did tis for a cheerful bridal .Acrylic french sculpture n of cos 3D Roses.
The white french part is sculpture using acrylic.

Tis set is also for bridal.I did tis in clear acrylic extension with full nail art n crystals.
Really love e clear tips look. And this is e first time i'm doing longer extensions since i started 2 mths+ my home-based nail salon.
Cos most my clients r new babes on extensions. :)
Reali happy when u c their happy faces after doing their nails.
Thanks babes!
Acrylic Purple glitter overlay n 2 sculpture extension nails.
Lace inlay 3 nails per hand,2 nails with crystals.
Client asking for tis design. :)

Simple Acrylic extensions embedded halo flakes.

Pink Acrylic glitter extensions.

Did tis for a pretty mummy.she cant do long nails bcos of her work.
But she still did extensions in shorten lenght n oval shape.
This is her first time doing Acrylic also,she is very happy :p.
Aunties also can have pretty nails . :)

Acrylic extensions with nude colour polish n 3D nail arts.

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